Top Tab manila folders bring TAB expertise to your filing solutions. With a 1/3 top tab, this folder will suit your needs.

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    Manila File Folders, Letter Size, 11 pt., Double Ply, Top Tab (Model #1112)


    Made with 11 point paper stock, including 10% recycled consumer material, this folder is sturdy, smooth, smudge resistant and resists tearing, folding or bursting while being handled daily in a busy workplace.


    Well-made in America, this folder design is based on 50 years of developing the most advanced and functional folders available.


    This folder has been designed to help you – help you access information quickly and accurately to improve productivity in your workplace, and to minimize the risk of lost or misfiled documents. Design features include:

    - Embossed score marks on the top tab to help with labelling

    - Expansion score marks on the bottom of the folder so you can create a box bottom to stand the folder upright

    As the leading provider of professional colour-coded filing systems and supplies, we pass on the benefits of more than 65 years of practical experience. We understand that your information is one of the most valuable assets in your organization. We also understand that efficiency and profit suffer when files are unavailable, misplaced or lost.

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    Manila File Folders, Letter Size, 11 pt., Single Ply, Top Tab (Model #1157)

    100 Folders/Box

    1/3 cut top tabs

    9.5" high by 11.75” folder dimensions to fit letter size documents

    Design allows for a box bottom up to ¾” wide

    Available with 1/3 cut tabs collated or by tab position – left, center, right

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