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TABQUIK® labeling software

Save time and money by printing your own color-coded file labels. TABQUIK is a web-based solution that allows you to print customized, color-coded file labels on any standard office printer.

Download our TABQUIK Info Pak


TABQUIK is easy.

Print labels in three simple steps: select the design, enter or import your data, and click “print”.

TABQUIK is flexible.

It runs on any internet-connected computer with any popular browser and a standard color office printer.

TABQUIK is secure.

Sensitive data never leaves your computer.

TABQUIK Features

With TABQUIK, you can:

  • color-match letters or numbers to any popular labeling system
  • print text such as names or account numbers on both sides of the label, for quick identification.
  • use highlights to emphasize important text
  • print color bands or year codes to quickly identify specific types of files
  • automatically generate barcodes for file tracking